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Comfort, peace and relax
ìthe enchanting view
of the Prealpi Friuliani
The perfect place for a quiet and peaceful atmosphere
With all the comforts that the modern traveler expects to find in hotels of this category.
The hotel Vajont is located right in the heart of the village of Vajont, which is one of the few Italian cities founded in the last century, in 1971, a few years from the calamity of the Vajont dam, to provide adequate domicile to families escaped the disaster.
Although located right in the main square, piazza Monte Toc, the hotel enjoys a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
The Vajont is a 3 star hotel, consisting of 30 rooms equipped with all the comforts every modern traveller today expects from hotels of its class.
Its wide variety of rooms can satisfy the needs of business and tourism travellers or even of families.
The view of the beautiful pre Alps of Friuli Venezia Giulia from almost every room is an additional element that enriches the stay at the hotel Vajont.


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