The municipality of Vajont was built in 1971, over an area that was donated by the municipality of Maniago to offer a house to the Friulan families that had been evacuated from the municipalities of Erto and Casso as a consequence of the disaster.
As soon as you arrive in the village, identifying the hotel Vajont is quite easy, it is the only building to be three floors high and is located in the square that takes its name from the Mount Toc that collapsed in the basin causing the disaster.

The hotel Vajont, after having been inaugurated in 2005 has had a long period of closure until the reopening by the current management in 2018, has 30 rooms and a large breakfast room.
Most of the rooms are provided with a small balcony that lets you enjoy the view of the square or alternatively a green area that extends to the provincial road.
The hotel benefits from a truly strategic position, all major provincial and regional roadways are very close and quickly reachable, lastly, it is at the center of an exciting network of places of interest, real jewels as much unknown as deserving of much more diffusion.

All guests at the Vajont hotel, no one excluded, become the center of hospitality procedures which, combined with friendliness and professionalism, represent the unshakeable daily mission of the staff.

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